The Architecture of the Universities of Leicester


ISBN 978-1-91018-181-2

Published by Anchor Print Group Ltd. 2020

The Architecture of the Universities of Leicester is now in its fourth edition. The text updates the previous edition noting the significant changes that have taken place both for the University of Leicester and De Montfort University within the last few years. New buildings are illustrated and sites no longer part of the universities’ estates have been removed. Buildings currently under
construction are illustrated by architects’ visualisations.

The first edition was reviewed in ‘Perspective’ – the Journal of the Royal Society of Ulster Architects, where it was said to be ‘a good idea to have a record all the buildings of a university in one book’.

The text was also positively reviewed and illustrated in Leicestershire Life in February 2011 and the current fourth edition has been well received by academics and broadcasters. It has recently been described as ‘an admirable book’.

The text, with over 400 mainly colour illustrations, details the history, architecture, names, local context and current use of all major buildings on each campus. The imaginative development plans for both universities are illustrated.

The book is available from Waterstones in Leicester at £29.99.

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