The sixth edition of ‘Materials for Architects and Builders’ was published in spring 2020 and the updated fourth edition of ‘The Architecture of the Universities of Leicester’, which was commissioned by the University of Leicester and De Montfort University, was released in the autumn. The new edition, highly praised by academics and distinguished broadcasters, has been described as an ‘admirable book’. The fourth edition includes the latest images of the De Montfort University campus together with photographs of the extensive work to the Percy Gee student union building of the University of Leicester. Current building plans for both universities including the University of Leicester Space Park and the extensive Freemen’s Common developments are described and illustrated with architects’ drawings. A limited number of copies for individual purchase are obtainable from Waterstones bookshops in Leicester at £29.99.

Arthur Lyons has now completed an update of the chapters on ‘Materials’ and ‘Structure’ in the pending seventh edition of the ‘Metric Handbook – Planning and Design Data’, to be published by Routledge in 2022 and is planning a proposed book on ‘Modern Methods of Construction and Innovative Building Materials’. This has unfortunately been delayed due to the continuing Covid-19 crisis which has caused the cancellation of the regular national building exhibitions where many construction innovations are made public.