Materials for Architects and Builders


ISBN 978-0-415-70497-7

Published by Routledge / Taylor & Francis 2014

The fifth edition published by Routledge / Taylor & Francis is available in bookshops and on line. A Kindle version is also available. An Arabic version of the previous edition (ISBN 978-614-434-021-9) is available on the internet.

The book was reviewed in “Perspective” – the Journal of the Royal Society of Ulster Architects’ where it was described as a “work of great diligence and immense industry”.

“Materials for Architects and Builders” was first published by Arnold in 1997. The second, third and fourth editions were published by Elsevier in 2004, 2007 and 2010 respectively. The new fifth edition has been considerably updated with respect to new materials, components, appropriate technologies, relevant legislation and the broad ecological aspects of construction. It also includes images of significant new buildings.

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